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Copyright Registration

Copyright is the legal authority of ownership over literary, dramatic, music and artistic works you create. According to Indian Copyright Act, 1957, copyright grants the power to reproduce a work, to prepare derivative works and to distribute copies from a work. Unless you give the power, no one can reproduce or perform a work made by you. It is a form of intellectual property.

Copyright infringement is a serious offence under Indian law. However, it cannot extent beyond the territory of a specific jurisdiction and cannot secure names of products, business organizations and titles of works. It also does not protect ideas, procedures, methods of operations and mathematical concepts.

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Create Public Record

Registration of work under Copyright Act creates a public record that you are the owner of the work. If someone copies it, you can sue him for copyright infringement.

Exclusive Right

By creating a copyright, you get the exclusive right to reproduce a work, issue new copes, perform in public or translate it.

Maximization of Damages

Copyright registration gives the benefit to claim for damages if it’s infringed by anyone. As there is a proof of ownership of the work, you can claim for maximum benefit, which otherwise becomes difficult to prove.

Creation of Asset

Copyright makes you the sole owner of a work. It makes the work known as your asset, which cannot be copied, translated, performed or reproduced without your consent. .

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