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Trademark Registration

A trademark generally refers to a brand or logo that distinguishes a company or product from others. A trademark is obtained for business names, catch phrases, taglines or captions to protect their identities from imitations or misuse. A trademark is considered as a valuable asset of a business and is registered under the Trademarks Act, 1999. Trademarks Registry established in 1940 takes cares of the registration or a trademark.

A business organization or product with TM marked on side of its name means it is registered and cannot be used by any other business organization or product. Sometimes, ® is also used, which refers to ‘Registered’, but only for goods and services.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection

Trademark registration promises protection against imitation and copying, which will invite severe legal action.

Unique Identity

A business or product is able to create an identity of its own by a trademark. Customers will easily identify the product in the market with its logo or trademark.


Registered trademark promises a sense of goodwill in the minds of users. It ensures the uniqueness of the product and helps to distinguish it from competing brands or products.

Trademark is an Asset

Business organizations register trademarks with the trademarks registry, which then become their personal assets. A trademark cannot be copied or imitated to secure a company’s identity. .

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